Presenting the Pico range of automotive oscilloscopes.

The oscilloscope is the X-ray machine of diagnostics, letting you see the changing signals inside wires. Test primary and secondary ignition, injectors, pumps, temperature sensors, MAP and MAF sensors, crankshaft and camshaft sensors, glow plugs.. and the rest.

PicoScope is the powerful automotive software package that makes it easy to diagnose vehicle faults. Packed with features such as measurements and the ability to save and print waveforms, it's the ultimate diagnostic tool.

PicoScope gives you free software updates for life.

Full training available on the complete Pico range, delivered by Professional Diagnostics.

PicoScope is not designed to replace scan tools. Scan tools and scopes do very different jobs, so a well-equipped workshop needs both.

Here's how a typical PicoScope diagnosis works:

  • Read the fault report or listen to the customer's story.

  • Test the vehicle until you see the problem for yourself.

  • If the MIL is on, use a scan tool to look for fault codes (DTCs).

  • If the DTCs point to a faulty component, use PicoScope to check that the component really is faulty before replacing it.

  • If the DTCs are inconclusive, or no fault is logged, use PicoScope to rule out the correctly functioning parts of the electrical system until you find the fault.

It's just like the procedure you have always used but without any unnecessary partswapping, so you save time and money.